In kids

Thorough endoscopic assessment with flexible pediatric endoscopes for evaluation of adenoid hypertrophy, sinusitis, choanal atresia, allergies

In adults

Thorough endoscopic assessment with flexible and rigid endoscopes

Endoscopic assessment of epistaxis and treatmentSnoring and sleep apnea assessmentHypertrophic nasal turbinates reduction


Pharyngeal - tracheal endoscopy with simultaneous video recording

Larygnopharyngeal Reflux disease evaluation

Mueller’s manoeuvre for Sleep Apnea assessment

Swallowing Endoscopic assessment

Laryngology – voice care

Endoscopic laryngeal examination with flexible and rigid endoscopes

Voice assessment and analysis for voice professionals

Dysphonia diagnosis

Otology – Neurotology

Complete audiometric evaluation of adults and kids with pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, acoustic reflex

Vertigo tests and manoeuvres

Benign positional vertigo in office treatment

Tympanotomy and middle ear fluid suction

Grommet tubes insertion